Lab Application

During the late 1990’s, the LBA received several conveyances of Sheriff and Marshall Deed properties from the City of Atlanta (“COA”) and Fulton County. The aggregate number of these conveyances totaled over 500 properties. The COA and Fulton County had definitive interests in these properties but they were dormant and not in productive use. They conveyed these properties to the LBA so that developers, CDC’s or not-for-profit entities that customarily worked with the LBA would have access to these properties for potential development. The COA and Fulton County felt that with the number of developers working with the LBA to create affordable housing, that these properties could be developed along with other projects in the neighborhoods to return them to productive use. The LBA has conveyed over 350 of these properties to date. Developers have used these properties for various types of projects which include greenspace, single family housing, multi-family housing and some commercial use. Note that interested parties must meet minimum qualifications in order to be eligible to receive these properties.

The current property list of approximately 119 properties consists of some properties that are buildable lots and some are not. For those that are not buildable, you may be able to acquire the lot next to our lot so that it can become buildable. It is important to note that the LBA does not acknowledge having clear title to any of these properties. Some due diligence will need to be done as to ascertain what needs to happen for one to obtain clean and marketable title.

The list of available properties is available for download and review. Please contact Mr. Michael Nesbit at or 404-525-4704 to discuss any properties that may be of interest.

The list of properties are available for download here.